The Alt Tour

Jul 13, 2021

I am able to all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

The Tour de France is a grueling competition.  23 days. 2,100 miles through the mountains to Paris. 150,000 feet of climbing.  Rain. Heat. Crashes. Le Tour is widely considered one of most difficult athletic events on the planet. On the plus side, riders eat well, get transported between stages by bus or airplane, stay in reasonably decent hotels, and even get massages.

Could a lone rider, riding solo, with no support, including no transport between stages, beat Le Tour to Paris? Lachlan Morton set out to try. And he even allowed Le Tour a head start.

The answer came today and it is a resounding YES.  Morton arrived on the Champs-E’lysees in Paris at 5:30 AM this morning.   An amazing six days ahead of The Tour!

So, you’re asking, why is this significant?  It is a testament to the impact one individual can have when using one’s talents for a greater purpose.

Lachlan Morton is a professional cyclist on the EF Education Nippo team.  Although he did not make the cut for the Tour team, he decided to go back in time, before the days of elaborate support teams, hotels and transport between stages.  This was the way of the early Tour de France. 

Morton’s goal was to ride the entire route self-supported. His purpose was to raise awareness and funds for World Bicycle Relief, an organization devoted to delivering rugged, locally assembled bikes to people in need. Several thousand bicycles will be distributed as a result of Lachlan. Think for a moment of the lives that will impact.

The Alt Tour was incredibly demanding for a solo rider compared with the regular Tour de France:

  • 5,510 kilometers (3,423 miles) compared to 3,383 kilometers (2,100 miles) for regular  Tour riders;
  • 65,500 meters of climbing (214,900 feet) compared to 45,700 meters (150,000 feet) in the regular Tour; and,
  • 18 days riding versus 23 days (including 2 rest days) for the regular Tour.

We can all be inspired by Lachlan Morton and his Alt Tour accomplishment. And his dedication to his purpose.   What purpose are you called to? 

Today’s Prayer:  Father thank you for Your  grace and abundance in my life. Help me to be as committed to Your Kingdom purpose as Lachlan Morton was to his. Amen.

The Alt Tour: here


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