The Paul Sherwen Project

Jul 6, 2021

On this, the 10th of 21 days of racing in Le Tour, here is another good-news story of professional cycling intersecting with a worthy cause.

British by birth but raised in Kenya, Paul eventually made Uganda his permanent home.   He died unexpectedly of heart failure in 2018 at only 62 years of age.  His life left an enduring legacy in his home country and around the world from his cycling career both on and off the bike.

Paul Sherwen was a beloved professional cyclist and commentator for the Tour de France and other professional bike races. He’s best known for the 33 years he and his friend Phil Liggett provided live coverage and commentary of Le Tour.

An amazing part of Sherwen’s legacy is the Paul Sherwen Project.  It was established to support the good that Paul was enacting in Uganda and across East Africa. The Project empowers local people to drive progress and economic development through, education, job skills and personal training, while promoting and protecting the unique culture and environment of their communities. 

Fluent in Swahili and an expert on the African environment, Paul made a palatable impact in his home country and beyond. The Project was founded by Liggett and others to carry on Sherwen’s vision.

We can all learn something from this man’s life.  And more specifically from one of his favorite African quotes: “When a mountain is in your path, do not sit at its foot and cry.  Get up and climb it.”

Read more about Paul and the Project here: Paul Sherwen Project | Empower. Educate. Elevate.

Here for hope.
Here for People.
Here for Tomorrow.


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