Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death*

Aug 15, 2022

Democracy arises from liberty, not liberty from democracy.** And liberty is born of the unalienable rights endowed each of us by our Creator.

Societies based on liberty require a middle class for sustenance and flourishing. For Neo-Marxists to reign, they must hollow out the middle class. A Neo-Marxist society, by definition devoid of liberty, survives only where there is no middle class. Only the poor and dependent for whom government becomes God, and the wealthy who can largely, for a time, insulate themselves.

There is a war for liberty in America, and in the free West. One of the fronts in that war is on the middle class. Either by ineptitude or intention, or both, the middle class is being hollowed out, leaving only the dependent and the wealthy. We are presently led largely by fools,*** driven either by ignorance or malevolence. This is why the question is not whether one has good intentions or otherwise. The question is whether the results are good or evil. Will we let liberty die in the darkness?

*Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

**A well know Washington newspaper has as its moniker “Democracy Dies In The Darkness.” This is balderdash. Liberty dies in the darkness.

***On the continuum of wise-foolish-evil, many once simply thought of as foolish are rapidly slipping to evil.


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