God’s Unconditional Mercy And Grace

Oct 1, 2023

It is proper to give God all praise, and honor, and glory. To be able and allowed to do so is not a right, but a privilege, granted not on the basis of our personal merit, but of God’s faithful lovingkindness (Note 1).

Reading: Psalm 92

Note 1: Lovingkindness, from the Hebrew chesed, (also hesed), agape (Greek); unconditional extravagant love, the compulsion to give and to love without limit those who have no merit. Chesed is one of the attributes of God’s character, maybe the attribute since His love encompasses all His other attributes (God is love). Chesed love cannot be defined or experienced apart from the fullness of God’s character. It is a supernatural, multifaceted love that is only realized, practiced, and experienced through God. Although not the same as human love, it can be experienced by humans (Jonathan and David, 1 Samuel 18:3; Ruth and Boaz, Ruth 3:10). God’s chesed love is why God never gives up on His children, even though they repeatedly fall into idolatry and sin. It is the reason He sent His only Son on a rescue mission.


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