The ARC Of A Better Story

Jan 15, 2024

We have been in a series considering the trajectory of decline of Western civilization. If you are a regular reader of @whatnow2do, you will know that we believe that the West is in an accelerated rate of entropy (see here). And that if we continue yielding our birthright for pottage a precipitous collapse is inevitable.

Others have noticed as well. In October of 2023, Jordan Peterson and Baroness Philippa Stroud convened the inaugural Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (“ARC”) conference in London. The conference’s objective was to kickstart the process of creating an alternate narrative to managed decline. We encourage you to learn more about ARC here.

In the past few days we we have been weaving an alternative vision to the dystopian totalitarianism that is about to overtake us, including key presentations from the ARC conference.  The series so far:

  1. In Hoc Anno Domini. The Light comes into the World. See here.
  2. What Is The Supreme Good? | Jonathan Pageau. artist, writer, public speaker, and podcaster. See here.
  3. How Dare You? | Konstantin Kisin. See here.
  4. There Is No Desert We Can’t Make Bloom | Jordan Peterson. See here.
  5. Offer Beauty Back Into A Devastated World | Makoto Fujimura. See here.

These sessions are rich and overflowing with big and important ideas. They need to be watched more than once to get the full narrative.  If you re-watch them a day or two apart, you will be amazed at what you missed the first time through. 

There are two stories teed up for our future.  One is the totalitarian-managed decline peddled by the elitist WEF et al.  There is a better story emerging.  One of continued flourishing.  But the better story can only be realized if we stop yielding our birthright for pottage.

Which possibility will you choose? A choice cannot be passive. It requires individual, personal responsibility and action. Failure to act toward the better story is, by default, choosing the dystopian story.


Part of the Yielding Our Birthright For Pottage series. 


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