Instant Gratification, Power, Mass Formation, And Useful Idiots (Note 1)

Apr 15, 2024

One of these is not like the other: “The distinction between following what you believe to be right and looking for what is right.”

“People who have their eyes open understand that things are disturbed at a spiritual level. It is not merely political. The disturbance in our culture is extremely deep. It’s fundamental. And people who are awake are seeing that more and more clearly. And that includes many people who have been on the atheistic or agnostic side. They can see that the culture war goes all the way to the bottom. And it does. It is a very very deep division. It is not merely political. The political is just a manifestation of something that is much disturbed, much deeper.

“And the environmental movement, the same thing (Note 2). I have been looking recently at the story of Elijah who is the prophet who faces down the prophets of the god of nature. That’s Baal. Well, most of the intellectual West worships the god of Baal. Nature worship. Making nature primary. As Tammy said, ‘when your orientation upward fails (societally and psychologically), something else rises to fill that gap.’ Or you are fractured. You could be fractured too. (Note 3)

“Nature worship is a dreadful malaise. And it is very attractive because nature is a very powerful force. And it is easy to deify it. And it is easy to think you are moral when you are doing it. And then we end up sacrificing cows to change the weather. Or (sacrificing) babies to change the weather.”

From the Truth And Evil Series

Note 1: From an interview of Tammy and Jordan Peterson, March 31, 2024, Cale Clarke, Relevant Radio. The full interview can be seen here. Highly Recommended.
Note 2: i.e., the environmental movement is also just a manifestation of the underlying problem.
Note 3: The Leading Edge of Helplessness: the broad swath of youth and others who, having lost the knowledge of Truth, get caught up in identity politics, gender confusion, government as god, and other cults.


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