There are no coincidences. Coincidences = God’s Providence + obedience, where providence is God’s omniscient and benevolent direction of the affairs of mankind, and obedience is eyes to see and ears to hear.

Great Thoughts

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher (1844 – 1900)


People who lie think everyone is lying. People who steal think everyone else is stealing. This stuff says more about those leveling the charge, than those being charged.

Sin Overboard

In order to lighten the boat of our life, the Lord’s voice invites us to throw the cargo of our sins into the sea. Maybe it will be necessary to throw overboard the things that we thought would be the most valuable in our lives, but which have become too heavy and...

God and Narratives

There are those who create narratives (racial, religious, cultural, immigrant, refugee, gender, etc.) to rationalize their worldview. At What Now 2 Do we do not believe that God sees race, or religion, or culture, or country, or status, or gender. We are convinced He...